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 Welcome to the
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 We hope you find this site informative and useful. We welcome your comments and suggestions. 

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act participants who wish to purchase benefits effective on the 91st day of employment at the prevailing COBRA rate should contact the Fund at 215-561-2722.  Otherwise, benefits are effective after five months of employment.

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You will receive an email from OneRx introducing an App, which helps Members navigate the Prescription Plan. 


▪ The PFT Health and Welfare Fund NVA Vision Plan has gone paperless.  Effective November 1, 2015 you will no longer need an NVA claim form in order to obtain vision services.  When making your appointment with an NVA participating provider, please notify the provider that your coverage is sponsored by the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and administered through NVA.  The provider will telephone NVA to verify your vision care eligibility.  To locate a participating provider, please contact the PFT Health and Welfare Fund, 215-561-2722.

YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS - When to Claim and How to Optimize your Social Security Benefits ("Bruce D. Schobel, CEBS, International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, Benefits Magazine, page 16-20, April 2015.") Documents/Schobel.pdf

▪ WHAT'S NEW FOR RETIREES.  - Q&A - Prescription Drug Plan for Retirees Eligible for Medicare - follow the link to view important FAQ. Documents/FAQ Prescription Drug Plan for Retirees Eligible for Medicare.pdf

PSERS Update - You should be aware of the following information and how it may impact our pension.  Documents/Pension Forfeiture.pdf, Documents/PSERS.Retirement Estimate Issue.pdf,   Please see your PSERS Active Member Newsletter, Vol. 3 - 2014 for more information.

▪ More you should be aware of from PSERS - Documents/Your Beneficiary and Divorce.pdf

▪ SUMMARY OF BENEFITS and COVERAGE (SBC) for active members is attached - follow the link - Documents/PFT HWF  2016 PFT Members.pdf

RETIREES - SUMMARY of BENEFITS and COVERAGE (SBC) for Retirees is attached - follow the link for summary. Documents/PFT HWF 2016.PFT RETIREES.pdf

AVAILABLE INFORMATION TO MEMBERS  -  PSERS web site has information available regarding the new classes, T-E and T-F. especially for new members.   PSERS shows you their option to convert to T-F.  The link is below, If you are interested, follow the link - http://www.psers.state.pa.us/tf.htm

IMPORTANT NEWS - If you have been demoted or laid-off by the School  District,  AND if you need further assistance, please call a Health and Welfare Coordinator, 215-561-2722.

▪ Education Research and Dissemination Program - Course Offerings of ER&D.  The attachment outlines the course offerings.  Educational Research and Dissemination Program

UPDATED MONTHLY -  The listings of participating dentists by specialty and by county. Click on the DENTIST? button. We now have listings for Dentists who have joined since the last listing.

▪RETIREMENT PLANS:   Teachers planning to retire at the end of June may retain their Personal Choice or Keystone coverage through August 31, provided that the Office of Retirement receives a “Notification of Retirement / Resignation” form on or before April 15.  Forms may be obtained on-line at www.philasd.org or by contacting the Retirement Office located at The School District of Philadelphia, Department of Human Resources, Retirement Office, 440 North Broad Street, Suite G-8, Philadelphia, PA 19103, Phone 215-400-4680.  To locate the forms on line at the School District’s site, type www.philasd.org, then click on Employees column on the right hand side – click Retirement, 2nd paragraph click the link to “Notification of Retirement” form and download form. REMEMBER to call the H&W Fund Retirement Office at 215-561-2722 to make an appointment for questions and answers regarding your retirement options.


The PFT Health and Welfare Fund wants to remind those members thinking about retirement to be aware of Act 43.  Act 43 allows retirees to continue to purchase the basic health care they had purchased during COBRA until they become eligible for Medicare.  To take advantage of Act 43 retirees must meet one of the following requirements.
  • Have been granted a disability retirement benefit by PSERS, or
  • Have retired with at least 30 years of credited service, or
  • Have retired under normal (not early) retirement conditions.

When you receive a COBRA letter from the School District, note carefully the time period offered.  If you have any questions, please call the Fund at 215-561-2722.

If you lose time from work while on workers' compensation status, a retirement deduction will NOT be made.  Upon your return to work, you are eligible to purchase service credit.  You may contact the Retirement office at 215-400-4680 for further information.

  • The Trustees of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers Health and Welfare Fund have adopted a motion which states:

    Participants who elect to participate in a Medicare Part D Plan (either through “Medicare Advantage Plan” with a prescription benefit or a stand alone “Prescription Drug Plan”) are not eligible for the benefits from the “Fund”.

    If the Medicare Part D Plan benefits cease to be available (either nationally or in the Participant’s geographic area), the Participant shall be permitted to resume coverage under the “Health and Welfare Fund” upon submitting a written proof of their enrollment in the Medicare Part D Plan which has ceased to be available.

  • Unemployment Compensation; How, Where and When to file
  • HIPAA the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
  • Personal Choice and Keystone members should check the Benefit Comparison Chart (Effective September 1, 2010 all new employees shall be enrolled in Keystone for a period of four (4) years from the date of appointment.  Premium charge will be 5%.  Those hired before 9/1/2010 that change plans before or after 9/1/2010 will be charged the original 3%.)